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5 Mistakes Brides Always Make

NO "priorities list"

Before looking into Pinterest, buying magazines, or bookmarking blogs, take time to think about the type of celebration you want. What do you envision your wedding to be?

A more casual daytime party or a romantic delicate lighting with florals everywhere? You need to list out your priorities. What exactly is most important to you? Do you care more about flowers or music ?

This kind of pre-planning will make both selecting a venue and setting a budget much easier.

The late start

It’s crucial to have plenty of time for the planning of this big event. If you plan on having all the trimmings, they take time to execute.

For example, most venues need at least a year in advance for marking the calendar. Deciding what type of venue also needs to be done before many other decisions are made because it will affect them. There is a big difference in catering an outdoor event, than an indoor event. Knowing your venue and its accouterments will help you with organizing your plans. The earlier you have things settled the less stress you will be when the day gets closer.

You Misplace Your Engagement Ring

When in a public restroom, resist the temptation to remove your engagement ring while you're washing your hands. The possibility that you might leave it on the ledge of the sink or, worse, drop it down the drain is too great a risk to take.

Over decorating the venue

While you may be tempted to adorn your tables with odds and ends reminiscent of your backgrounds, travels, and interests, remember that tasteful, well-placed arrangements impress without cluttering or overwhelming your guests' view.

The Shortage of Music Preparation

Music preparation may not sound appealing as to choosing the perfect wedding dress to your wedding. So many brides may delay this part in wedding planning. Many mistakes and miscommunication happen in this area of wedding planning. Again, deciding in advance opens your options, and waiting until the last minute is not advisable.

The last thing you want is no music for your ceremony! Get it set on the calendar early and take away the stress of finding the right musician. Making a written playlist for the DJ is pertinent too. They need to know what you want them to play, and when you want them to play it. Remember to have music playing while the family is entering and exiting the ceremony; often times this is forgotten.

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