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Things to do in between your ceremony & reception:

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

There's never "too much time" in a wedding, while some couples are concerned that there's "blank" time in between the ceremony & reception, here're a few great suggestions you'll be glad to read it before your wedding:


This is an order, not a suggestion. Now that the dress is on, you totally can! Ask your planner to bring you a plate of hors d’oeuvres, because chances are you won’t have time to hunt down a waiter while you are greeting guests. You probably didn’t eat much before the ceremony, so before you pass out, chow down.

Take photos while your hair still looks good

Also before your dress is crumpled, your veil is off, etc. Sneak off with the photographer for a few minutes and take some couple photos while you both look your best and the lighting is good.

Take a few minutes to be alone as a couple

These are your first minutes as a married couple! A quiet, yet, intimate way to celebrate with just the two of right after you're officially married. Consider reading to each other a pre-written letter. Whatever you do, make sure you are sitting down because you are going to spend a lot of time standing up the rest of the day.

Thank your parents & in laws

Take a moment to thank them for all their support before you all get separated entertaining your guests at the reception. It’s an emotional day for them, too. It would be nice for them to feel appreciated.

Have some of your signature cocktail

You’ve spent so much time on planning; you should be able to appreciate all the small details before they are all gone. This is definitely a detail to set up before you walk down the aisle. Maybe it can be waiting for you when you walk out of the ceremony. You can consider it your first celebratory drink.

Switch shoes

You’re going to be dancing soon and pretty much on your feet until your send-off. Put on a pair of flats or sandals or even tennis shoes so you can enjoy your party in comfort.

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