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Crafting Your Wedding Thank You Speech

On the wedding day, expressing gratitude in front of all friends and family is an essential part of the wedding reception, commonly known as the “Newly-Weds Thank You Speech”.


Are you ready with your Thank You Speech? Today, I'd like to share three small tips to help you gracefully navigate through the gratitude segment of your wedding day.

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Three Tips for a Memorable Expression of Gratitude

1. Speak from the Heart

Firstly, avoid writing down the entire speech and reading it verbatim! Delivering a Thank You Speech is an opportunity to genuinely thank your loved ones. Reading the entire script comes off as "reciting" rather than "speaking," limiting the eye contact and interactive connection with your friends and family. Instead, opt for a 4”x6” card with bulleted points, categorizing people you want to thank and providing gentle reminders for yourself. Practice a few times before the wedding, getting used to glancing at the card for prompts and then speaking confidently.

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2. Connect with Confidence

Secondly, aim to have eye contact with the audience while speaking. Establish eye contact with your parents or close friends to interact and alleviate nervousness, allowing yourself to stay calm and deliver a better speech. Of course, if you're afraid of bursting into laughter when looking at your loved ones, you can choose to glance at your partner.

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3. Organizing Gratitude

Thirdly, categorize and organize your speech for clarity. Divide the people you want to thank into 5-6 main categories to structure your speech logically.

1. Express gratitude to all wedding guests: A big thank you to all those who attended your wedding, including aunts, uncles, friends, and more.


2. Thank your parents: Begin by thanking your partner's parents before expressing gratitude to your own parents. Take a little more time to thank your parents afterward.


3. Thank friends and relatives from overseas or other locations: Show extra appreciation for friends and relatives who traveled from afar, acknowledging their efforts and expenses.


4. Express gratitude to those who helped on the wedding day: Thank everyone who volunteered and assisted on your wedding day, such as bridesmaids, groomsmen, and family members who played various roles.


5. Conclude by thanking your spouse: Share your feelings after officially becoming a married couple or make promises to each other. If you want to add a touch of humor, thank your partner for attending your wedding.

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In summary, a Thank You Speech can be short or long, but it should never be careless, as it reflects your respect for the occasion as the main protagonist. Have you learned it? This concludes our discussion for today, and I hope these tips prove helpful. Until next time!

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